For Death Waits in the Dark

  On A Dark and Stormy Murder

      "A noteworthy traditional mystery."

                                                                               --Writer's Digest


" I can't remember when I've been so enthralled by a story and its characters. This is a book

that Phyllis A. Whitney and Mary Stewart would have loved." 

                                                                                          --Dean James, Agatha Award-winning author


                                      "Dark and Stormy is a lot of fun."

                                                                                                 --Charlaine Harris                

                                                                                                  author of The Southern Vampire Series

                                                                                                  (the basis for HBO's TRUE BLOOD)

"A terrific first book in a new series . . . hearkens to the wonderful mysteries of another time."

                                                                                                 --The Open Book Society

"Buckley not only gives a gracious nod to those classic gothic/romantic suspense novels of the 1960s and 1970s that Peters/Michaels, Mary Stewart, Phyllis A. Whitney, and others crafted,

she also artfully evokes the spirit of those books by subtly incorporating such classic gothic elements as the heroine romantically torn between two different men and an atmospheric old house with a secret or two into the plot of her own engaging mystery. And the evocatively written snippets from

“Camilla Graham’s” novel-in-progress that open each chapter are the icing on the cake. 

A Dark and Stormy Murder is a pure delight from start to finish!"

                                                                                                       --John Charles, Reader to Reader Revi


                                                         "Delights on so many levels!"


                                                                                                  --Kings River Life Magazine


"If A Dark and Stormy Murder is any indication, you’d better get ready because Julia Buckley is soon going to be a common name in the cozy mystery world. I loved this book so much, I absolutely couldn’t put it down and I was honestly disappointed that

it ended so soon." 

                                                     --More Mysteries, Please

"As soon as I read the epigraph to the first chapter, an excerpt from fictional novelist Camilla Graham's novel The Salzburg Train, I knew I would love this book.  The tone of the passage evoked for me the Mary Stewart romantic suspense novels that

I read and reread when I was a teen."

                                                                                       --Marlyn Beebe, Stuff and Nonsense Blog

"An engaging cozy with a touch of Gothic, A Dark and Stormy Murder is a not-to-be-missed page turner. Bring on book two in this charming series!"

                                                                                   --Terrie Farley Moran, Agatha-Award-winning author

"In this first of what I hope will be many adventures for Lena and Camilla, Buckley captures the sublime bond between beloved author and ardent fan. A Dark and Stormy Murder has it all: plenty of action, a dash of romance, and lots of heart."

                                                                 --Julie Hyzy
                                                                                                     Anthony and Barry Award winner

                                                                                                                  author of the White House Chef series




  On Madeline Mann
"Buckley is definitely a writer to watch!"
                                                                    --The Library Journal



"With this bright debut, Maddy is

a welcome addition to the cozy scene."


                                                                                                                                      --Kirkus Reviews


"By far the best female lead to come

along since Stephanie Plum."


                                                                                                          --Anne Frasier, author of The Orchard and Pale Immortal


"Madeline Mann could do anything and I would still want to read about her. She's warm,

engaging, and fun--and the same goes for Julia Buckley's writing."


                                                                                 --Hope McIntyre, author of How to Marry a Ghost


  On The Ghosts of Lovely Women


"Teddy Thurber is an engaging narrative voice!"


                             --Kathi Baron, author of Shattered


" .  .  .  A book of merit, not only for its entertainment value, but for its thought-provoking theme."


             --Allene's book reviews


  On The Dark Backward


"Buckley writes with the confidence of a seasoned pro;

the plot is beautifully crafted."


                                                                                                         --Jon Jordan, Crimespree Magazine




























 On The Big Chili


"A feast of awesomeness."


                                               --The Open Book Society


"This is a delightfully charming new series that combines all of the best elements of cozy mysteries and ensures to have readers hungry for more."


                                                    --Kings River Life Magazine


"A fantastically entertaining read."


                                                               --Romantic Times Magazine



"Cooking mysteries have become a dime a dozen so it takes a special premise to have one stand out. “The Big Chili” by Julia Buckley cooks up an outstanding take on the catering mystery series . . . This was a highly enjoyable book, especially with the constant soundtrack to Lilah’s life going on in her head."


                                        --Night Owl Reviews





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