Fall News

Hello, Readers!

I hope you're all enjoying the newly-cool weather (depending on your area, of course). And I send my prayers to those of you on the West Coast experiencing the terrible fires. What a traumatic and frightening experience you are going through. I also hope that you are staying safe and healthy in this uncertain time of Covid-19 and its attendant changes.

Since a great deal of time has gone by since my last post, I wanted to update you on a few things.

  1. Because of Covid, my day job has changed. I have to take my temperature every morning in order to set foot inside a school, where my students are all masked and their desks are six feet apart. I too wear a mask, and I negotiate three different computers, since some of my students are remote learners and some are present with me in the room. I wear a microphone for the Zoom students and a mask for the Room students, and marvel daily at all of the innovative things we have all done to keep safe.

2. It is true that two of my series have been ended by my publisher (although you can still buy the books in stores and online). No one is more heartbroken than I am, but I will look for ways in the distant future to re-visit some of these beloved characters.

3. My Hungarian Tea House mysteries have received very good reviews, and DEATH OF A WANDERING WOLF has received the best reviews I've ever gotten! I will soon be debuting the cover for Book Three, DEATH ON THE NIGHT OF LOST LIZARDS.

4. I couldn't do it without you!! Thank you so much for your letters, your e-mails, your words of support. I am grateful to you, not just for reading the books, but for writing reviews, following me on Facebook, BookBub, Instagram, Pinterest--wherever you like to spend your time. And thank you for recommending my books to your friends and family. Hopefully word will spread enough that one of my series can go beyond five books!

Thanks, and Happy Fall!


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