Fantasy Vacations

It seems like it's been winter for about eight months. Even a week ago the weather was bitterly cold, and we had snow in April. So today, the first day of real warmth and sun, I started to believe in spring.

Whenever those spring breezes blow, full of fragrance and the promise of long days ahead, my mind begins its fantasies of far-away places. I'm not a traveler at all; I don't like planes and I don't even love driving very much. But my mind does respond to beautiful images, and some of my favorites are of far-flung vacation destinations. That's Greece in the picture above, and it looks amazing, but there are zillions of places like this that I've visited in my imagination. Someday I might even visit them in person. Maybe even this summer . . . .

I hope spring is bringing you your own summer fantasies.

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