The Little Joys of Summer

As summer vacation wanes, I am trying to live in the present and appreciate every beautiful thing about the summer months: the smell of roses, and the delicate variety of colors to be found in backyards and in the florist's window; the smell of rain; the cool breezes of a summer night; the special quality of summer clouds, and the intense blue of a summer sky; the relief of an air-conditioned room after an excursion into the hot air; the smell of fresh-cut grass; the trees heavy with leaves of rich green, and the rare occasion that I allow myself that most delicious of summer treats: an icy Pina Colada.

I love fall; in fact, it's my favorite season, and many of my books are set in autumn for that reason. But letting go of summer is always hard, regardless of the rewards that might await in a new season.

The only solution to this dilemma is to try to live in the present and acknowledge summer yearnings as they occur. So I'm taking a walk this evening, enjoying the simple pleasure of mailing a letter and window shopping along the way.

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