Summer News

Ah. Summer is finally here, providing longer days and more chances to read and write. Here is some summer book news:

A DARK AND TWISTING PATH, the third book in the Writer's Apprentice series, is in the editing stages. Meanwhile, DEATH IN DARK BLUE, which debuted on May 2, is selling well and garnering positive reviews. Have you read it? You might want to consider reading A DARK AND STORMY MURDER first!! The stories tend to weave into one another, which many readers enjoy.

PUDDING UP WITH MURDER, the third and perhaps final book in the Lilah Drake Undercover Dish mysteries, will launch on September 2nd. You can pre-order now by clicking the book link in the banner on this page!

HEY, LIBRARIANS! I'll be at the ALA Conference in Chicago on June 24th, giving away copies of both books in the Writer's Apprentice Series! Hope to see you there.

I'll be holding an online party for the debut of PUDDING UP WITH MURDER toward the end of August. Stay tuned for more details!

I hope your summer is starting well. Happy reading!

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