Here Comes the Sun

It's been raining a lot in Chicago. It rained all through my spring break and through my first three days back at work. Yesterday a few tentative beams of sun showed through the clouds, and today it finally appeared. Spring has finally arrived. Crocus have nosed through the dirt, my backyard Tulip Tree is in bud, and daffodils are waving in the breeze.

My dog has been nosing into the earth, seeking spring smells, and the cats are on the windowsills, watching the busy birds who fly by.

I am busy, too, preparing to launch a new book! DEATH IN DARK BLUE debuts on May 2, and I am very excited to share it with the readers who told me that they enjoyed Blue Lake, Indiana and its sometimes eccentric inhabitants. In this book, things resume a few months after they left off. It's winter in Blue Lake; the town is cold and buried in snow, but death finds its way to the small town once again.

And somehow, once again, it is Lena London who finds herself at the center of a controversial situation.

DEATH IN DARK BLUE can be pre-ordered now!

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