The Series You Just Can't Quit

The second book in my Writer's Apprentice series will come out in four months. As I anticipate the book and wonder how it will be received, I consider some of the great series books that I loved and could not stop reading.

Stieg Larsson's GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO was slow in getting my interest, but once it did I could NOT put down the books for long. I read the second one in a whole day of jury duty and finished the climactic ending on the L ride home. While Larsson's writing is occasionally uneven, he is a terrific storyteller and knows how to keep a reader in a state of tension.

Another favorite is J.K. Rowling's HARRY POTTER series. I recall when the first one came out, before all the hype began. I read about it in a magazine's "recommended books" section, where it was presented as a new and whimsical piece of fiction that would delight both children and adults. It did delight me, and I ended up reading all seven books aloud to my two children, who were then seven and three. My youngest, who only drifted in and out of the story while he played, once asked, "What happened to Harry Potter's Mione?" (He heard the possessive "her" before the name Hermione and thought that someone own a Mione, which was very cute). :)

What are some of the series that you like best?

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