A fun stocking stuffer

Let's face it--the world has been an unfriendly place lately. If it weren't for books, those alternate worlds into which we like to escape, we might all be suffering from full-on depression.

But things change. We'll all find ways to be more hopeful about the future, and hopefully we will all have lovely holidays with friends and family.

Meanwhile, when we get into the doldrums, we can escape into cozy mysteries.

CHEDDAR OFF DEAD, based on Amazon and GOODREADS reviews, is my best-loved mystery so far. Have you given it a try? Lilah Drake is back and still staying busy in Pine Haven, Illinois, trying not to think of her failed love affair. Then she witnesses a murder, and her ex-boyfriend Jay Parker must investigate what happened. Perhaps a Christmas miracle will bring the two of them back together. . . .

The book is now available in stores and on Amazon. Give it as a stocking stuffer to the mystery fan on your list!

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