The Cooler Weather Approaches

Even as people around me are lamenting the fact that the extreme heat is dissipating, I am celebrating the advent of cooler weather and the imminent arrival of Fall. I am a cool weather person from way back, and both of my Berkley series begin with a book set in the fall. In A DARK AND STORMY MURDER, Lena London leaves Chicago on a fall day and travels to the eerie and beautiful Blue Lake, Indiana, In THE BIG CHILI, Lilah Drake makes comfort food in chilly autumn for people who want to warm the hearts and stomachs of their loved ones.

The latest book is set at Christmastime, in a snowy Pine Haven just before the holidays.

It's not a coincidence that these books incorporate cool weather; there are many opportunities to create moody and mysterious events in colder temperatures, and my love for the cold air invigorates my writing.

Click on any of the book covers on this page to get more information about the novels.

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