The Return of Lilah Drake

Lilah Drake has been through a lot. She was a chief witness in a murder investigation. She maintained multiple jobs in pursuit of her culinary ambitions. She became infatuated with a police detective and enjoyed a passionate but shortlived fling with him.

Now she's looking to the future: a new job, a happy Christmas, and a New Year filled with opportunities.

In CHEDDAR OFF DEAD, Lilah will take on more than she expected. Defying the odds, she will witness another murder, which will bring a handsome homicide detective back into her life, along with the many complications that come after one witnesses a crime.

Lilah is hoping against hope that she can still find a way to have a happy holiday and that maybe, just maybe, she can make one special Christmas wish come true. But a killer stands in the way of Lilah and her future.

CHEDDAR OFF DEAD hits shelves on September 6th!

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