A New Friend

July 18, 2016

The last thing we really needed was a new animal. Yet my son and I found ourselves at an animal rescue a week ago, playing with kittens in the cat room. There were so many beautiful felines--some who wanted to play, some who had too much dignity to try to impress us--that we spent a great deal of time there, just watching them scamper around.


Then one of them, who had just looked like a gray ball of fluff through the bars of his cage, reached through the metal slats and touched me on the arm. The shelter had named him Samson, perhaps because of his long hair. We have named him Ash.  Yes, we took him home, because we fell in love with his mellow nature and surprisingly friendly personality. 


He is so mellow, in fact, that our other animals barely noticed that he entered the household. There was no screaming, no hissing, no drama of any kind--just a bit of surprise.


Now they all play together, like one big happy animal family. 



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