The Psychology of Vacation

May 19, 2016

There's a certain exhaustion in the end of a school year. I find my pace slowing, my patience ebbing, and my willingness to take on a stack of papers declining.


My students know exactly how many days are left in the school year, how many free days they have this summer, and then how many days there are next year. 


But free time is really an illusion. I asked them at what point in the summer they began to dread coming back to school. Many of them said, "About two weeks in." And I understood, because I do the same thing! I ruin many of my vacations by spending days dreading my return to work--and I like my job!


So I'm going to try to take more of a Carpe Diem attitude to my brief bursts of time off this summer in hopes of making my vacation a true respite from the world.



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