New Year, New Series!

January 3, 2016

Happy New Year! This year I didn't focus so much on making resolutions as on trying to find ways to de-stress my life. I've finally reached that place which I had always heard people talking about--the one where you have to learn to say no because you simply have too many obligations.


So now it's time to discover yoga or meditation or anything that keeps me in touch with the quieter side of existence and not utterly dependent upon deadlines and stress.


One lovely reward of last year was the publication of THE BIG CHILI, and in this year I anticipate the arrival of two more books, starting with A DARK AND STORMY MURDER at the beginning of July. 


I hope that your New Year's plans also include some excitement about events that will happen in 2016, along with some ways that you can make sure you stop and smell the flowers along the path of life.



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