Happy December

December 1, 2015

If you visit my Facebook page, Julia Buckley Mystery Novels, you'll have already seen this holiday picture of my dog, Digby. He's a four-month-old Lab mix that we adopted two months ago. He's sweet and energetic and full of love. He's also a real handful and growing every day. Today I came into the dining room to find him standing ON THE TABLE, sniffing around for snacks. Do you think it might be time for an obedience class?


Still, we love this little fellow, who is very affectionate and licks my ear each day when I get home. He is always jubilant to see me, even when he wakes up in the morning, as though he feared that he'd go to sleep and never see us again. 


In this photo, we bribed him into sitting on a hassock by holding out a Milkbone biscuit, and he held as still as a statue, keeping his eye on that prize. Meanwhile we got a super holiday shot of our little Lab baby.


It was Mick who inspired our adoption of Digby, proving that fiction can influence reality, and not just vice versa. 



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