Peace Before The Holidays

November 14, 2015


The holidays are around the corner, and our world has a way of accelerating the pace some time around the slicing of the Thanksgiving turkey. Nowadays I feel more determined than ever to not give in to that pace, or to the encroaching crassness of manufactured holidays. Camus once wrote that "the truth is found in silence," (and Hamlet would agree with that assessment). I agree with it, too. This time before the holiday season is filled with anticipation, but also with a quiet peace that I appreciate.


In many ways, it's the period of anticipation that brings the most happiness, since we are dwelling solely in the land of hope.


Despite a hectic work schedule, I'm still enjoying some little pockets of pre-holiday quiet and hoping that I can maintain this until the New Year.


I hope you're enjoying some quiet, peaceful moments as well.

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