The Land of Perpetual Storm

June 22, 2015

Chicago hasn't suffered the terrible droughts of the West Coast this summer; indeed, we have endured quite the opposite in the form of endless rain and flooding. People have alluded to Noah a lot this summer, and jokes tend to veer toward a New Venice, with boats replacing cars.


Yes, we've endured a multitude of gray and stormy days, and today, which started out sunny, has descended into bleakness and yet another storm warning.


This can get depressing, especially when one pictures the summers of yesteryear, which seemed to consist of perpetual sun and fun, ideal temperatures, blue lakes and skies, and lush, green grass under one's bare feet.


This summer is painting a new vision of what summer might be. I hope this won't be the "new normal" that we are always asked to contemplate in the wake of Climate Change. 


There are some advantages to perpetual rain. The grass is verdant, and the leaves on my backyard tree have not succumbed to the crisp, dry edges that July usually brings; but without occasional sunny days, there's no real chance to appreciate this greenery.


They say we cannot fully appreciate a thing without its opposite. We cannot know good unless we've seen evil; we cannot recognize kindness until we've seen cruelty. And this summer, more than ever, I have come to understand the full beauty of a dry, sunny summer day.



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