A Multitude of Holidays

December 21, 2014

The Christmas holidays are always extra special for us because we celebrate many birthdays around this time.  Twenty years ago, on the 23rd, my son Ian was born--it doesn't seem that long ago, somehow--and we shall be acknowledging his arrival into the world with feasting and presents. One week later, I'll celebrate my own birthday (Ian was my biggest present that year), and because it always falls on the cusp of the New Year, I'll be reflecting on the year that was and planning for the year to come.


Oh--and I'll be eating some chocolate cake. That's one of many things my oldest son and I have in common--the very wise belief that chocolate cake is the best of desserts.


My younger son loves Christmas, and even at sixteen he can barely wait until it arrives. Our tree is in place, and the presents are starting to appear underneath it. The cats, as though by consent, have decided not to mess with it this year, aside from the occasional batting of a low-hanging ornament. 


We've been blessed with good health in a year of widespread flu, although my husband did get some mysterious ailment that lingered on like a bad guest. Overall, we were lucky, and we're grateful for that.


Added to this gratitude list, I am grateful for you, since you made your way to my website and read this post. May you have a very happy holiday season and a New Year filled with joy.


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