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Time to Get Christmas Cozy

Even though we're not going anywhere (or doing much) for Christmas this year, I maintain that it's still important to deck the halls. Our seasonal rituals of stringing lights and wrapping gifts are not just for others. They provide a way to mark time and to take pleasure in our existence; it's our privilege and our joy to find the light in this and every holiday.

We had a very quiet Thanksgiving, but I got out the ol' turkey decoration and filled the big bowl with little squashes and pumpkins.

Today, though it's a bit early, I put up the Christmas trees (two tiny ones this year instead of the big one of the past) and will decorate them bit by bit, savoring the memories of each ornament. I'll enjoy my cozy home and feel grateful that I have one. I'll bake and share the results with neighbors, ringing bells and running away to observe social distancing. :)

I'll enjoy the quiet time.

And I'll write! A Blue Lake Christmas story coming your way soon. Happy almost-December.

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