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The Undercover Dish Mysteries

Book Three

In the third Undercover Dish mystery, Lilah Drake and her dog Mick attend a birthday party for a local curmudgeon and witness some strange behaviors before the old man keels over in Lilah's rice pudding casserole.

It's up to Lilah and Detective Jay Parker to figure out what's going on in the Cantwell clan, specifically with the five chidlren who stood to inherit money from their emotionally distant father.

Mick the dog is back, impressing everyone he meets with his special doggie gifts.

A perfect stocking stuffer! Book Two in the series takes place in the cold and snowy days before Christmas.
Lilah has the holiday blues, especially after she
witnesses a murder.



Lilah Drake is an aspiring caterer who fills a special and secret niche: she makes food for people who want to claim the credit. It's a step toward being a bone fide caterer, and she's making good money, mainly from friends and neighbors.


One of Lilah's customers has a regular request: a big batch of crock-pot chili that has become famous at church bingo suppers. This time Lilah's chili causes heaps of trouble when someone dies after eating it, and the police soon discover that it's been poisoned. 


Lilah finds herself with a conundrum: expose her secret business and potentially lose it, or keep her identity to herself as a handsome and persistent police detective investigates the murder.


Along with this delectable mystery come some delicious recipes!