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Book One

A new series from Berkley Prime Crime called

The Writer's Apprentice.


Lena London is fresh out of grad school, an aspiring writer with a giant student loan and a bad case of hero worship for Camilla Graham, a famous writer of Gothic Suspense novels. Through sheer serendipity, Lena earns an interview with her hero, and before she knows it, she has moved to the idyllic Blue Lake, Indiana, where Graham--to Lena's vast surprise--lives and works.


Lena finds herself moving into a dark and mysterious house, and it is almost as though she is a young heroine walking into the pages of a book similar to the ones she loves to read--especially when she stumbles across a dead body.



Lena London's story continues as she seeks answers to an old mystery and faces a relentless killer who would prevent her from learning what she wants to know.
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Book FIVE coming soon!